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by • December 5, 2013 • Facebook, OnlineComments (0)873

How to Start a Conversation With a Girl on Facebook

Facebook is a place where you can make friends and meet girls.

It’s not science fiction to start a conversation with a girl on Facebook, but I’m sure that you don’t want to seem like a creep and make the girl feel awkward and uncomfortable.

Here I will give you some tips from my own experiences that I hope will be of use.

So you may have this girl as a friend on Facebook for a long time, or you may have added her recently, however it may be, you don’t know how to let her know that you exist, and more importantly-that you like her. One thing that you have to know – don’t ‘poke’ her! In my opinion, there is nothing more idiotic than that. I know that when someone pokes me, I dismiss him immediately. Another thing that you mustn’t do is to ‘like’ more than two photos in one day. Be cool and don’t ‘like’ everything that is on her profile, you don’t want to seem desperate. Simply, only ‘like’ the things you really like.

After this step, you have to start a conversation. If you’ve seen each other somewhere before, like in a library, or at the supermarket, you could start with something like: “hey, we’ve seen each other somewhere before, haven’t we?” If she remembers you, it’s a good sign and you can continue with asking her how she is doing etc.

If she doesn’t remember, you could say something like: “Oh yeah, I think that it was the library that is near our school how are you doing?” If she replies to your question with one or two words only, it means that she is not interested. But if she is, you will notice. After you two get acquainted, you could ask her something about her, like where she’s going out, what does she do in her free time etc.

If you get off on the right foot, after a few days/weeks, you can ask her out. Trust me, if she is chatting with you it means that she will want to meet you in person and get to know you better. Make sure to choose a public place, like a walk on the main square, the movies or to see some live band.

One year ago, a guy that I only knew from a forum that I was a member to, started writing to me on Facebook. I noticed that he didn’t have the guts to ask me out, so I kinda asked him out, to which he agreed and planned the day. He brought two of his friends(a guy and a girl), which was cool because there was no tension and I felt more comfortable being around more people. Then we all went to a bar and had a wonderful time.

Finally, my point is that Facebook can be pretty useful for meeting people, just be yourself, don’t over-think every word and don’t take it very seriously.

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